Decadence L.E. Print 15

Decadence L.E. Print 15

Acrylic, Screen Print & Aerosol on Somerset White Satin Paper

56cm x 76cm


Each print is completely unique as the background is hand painted using a variety of mark making techniques. Each print is catalogued, signed & numbered.



'Decadence' examines and celebrates corroded patterned surfaces. Fundamental to this project is the appropriated wallpaper pattern. Through a process of digital reconstruction, I recreated the repetitive pattern which decorated my childhood living room for almost twenty-five years. I then replicated the pattern onto carefully selected surfaces through controlled experiments. These were carried out over unregulated durations of time, using a variety of materials, methods, catalysts and utensils. I describe the practice as 'artificial decay', as repeating factors affect the work, much like seasonal elements would affect a surface naturally.